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"When I was a child, my Dad would read me stories with an arsenal of voices...

I think if I looked back for some meaning in how I got here, it were those moments that influenced me; those voices echoing through my eternity."

Welcome! My name is Brandon Francis and I am an Audiobook Narrator and Voice Actor - but you know that. You're here because you are searching for the voice and performance for your project; whether it's an audiobook, animation, or a video game.
So why pick me?

I believe the sound of a Human voice is forged by a person's experiences. Mine has been tempered by wrestling rattlesnakes as a camp ranger, attaining a B.A. in psychology- studying human behavior as a behavior specialist, and navigating life and death as a first responder. Many of these emotional and life-altering experiences are channeled into my performance, and shaped my voice into the signature sound you hear today.

I look forward to hearing from you!



General American & Italian Female
Sad; Drama
Southern/Western Hybrid
British (RP) & Yorkshire
Irish (slight to heavy)

NSFW 18+

Duet w/Jacci Prior - Spicy Romance




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3349 Somis Rd. 

CA 93066-9997

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