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"Brandon Francis is seemingly newer to the audio world, as he has less than 10 books in his Audible catalog, but I hope this shoots him into the spotlight because I want more of him! I can’t imagine the nerves that might have come from doing a rerecord under the circumstances, but he handled it in STRIDE. He played Clay so well I can’t wait to see what more he does, and I REALLY hope Sara Cate uses him more. I am so so happy with his addition to this."

great vampiric deception.jpg

"omg this story was incredible and the narration phenomenal. the ending yessssss. I wasnt expecting it. it was all so brilliantly crafted!"

Her Doting Daddies.jpg

"This story feels touchable... Brandon Fancis brings it all to life with straightforward, tender and masculine energy. You are gonna smile."

Tru Lockhart.jpg

"Derek Clark's storytelling is riveting, and Brandon Francis's narration brings the characters to life in a way that is truly mesmerizing."


"Great story and performance! Loved that the narrator changed the way he voiced some of the characters."

Wings of Paisley 2.jpg

Her Demanding Daddies.png

"What a fun story! I enjoyed it very much. Brandon did an outstanding job narrating it. I loved his accents. They brought it to life."

Vow to the King.png

"Loved it. Can’t wait to listen to the next book and hopefully it’s the same narrator. Loved!"

Cover - Cash is King.jpeg

"I read this book, but the narration was next level. The characters and story sprang to life and became real. Even though I already knew the ending, I cried like a baby for a long time and had to pause the book. Cash and Ella's story was another Baughman miracle come to life. This author gives her all, and I became invested in their journey. Another win for author and narrator. If you don't pick this up you'll never know what you're missing. Outstanding!! I voluntarily listened to a free copy of this and am giving an honest review."

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